Covid-19 Information

Acupuncture is an extremely safe form of medicine. As a member of the British Acupuncture Council, I follow extremely high standards of best practice to ensure my procedures are as safe as they can possibly be - through Covid and beyond!  To maintain a 'Covid Secure' clinic, there are some new forms of information required before I am able to treat you at present: 

An initial screening done by phone or via email when you first inquire about treatment. This is to assess whether I am able to treat you. Please note that I am unable to treat anyone with the symptoms of Covid -19 or who lives with someone who has the symptoms or who has been instructed by the NHS to self-isolate. The government has defined two categories of 'clinically extremely vulnerable' and 'clinically vulnerable' people. If a person from either category contracts Covid-19 they are more likely to have complications and are at higher risk of severity of disease and mortality.  If you fall into either category, we each need to assess the balance between your level of risk and the potential benefit of treatment before I make an informed decision whether I should go ahead with your treatment.  

A Patient Information Sheet will be sent to you once an appointment is made. This provides you with information about safe operating practices in the clinic. You MUST read these to ensure you're keeping yourself as safe as possible as well as subsequent patients (and me!).

I will need your signature to confirm you understand the safety measures I am operating and to give your written confirmation that you are fully informed and have agreed to treatment based on your own risk-assessment.

Following the  introduction of the Track and Trace service, I am obliged- if requested- to forward your appointment date/time and contact details.  I will remind you of this when you attend. A QPR code is available for those who have chosen to download the app. 

I appreciate Covid-19 safety measures mean a lot of forms and safe practice info to cover - please bear with me. 

© Liz Flood

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