Covid-19 Information

I'd like to start this page with a little personal note. We’re all sorry that it has become necessary to make our lives ‘Covid-Secure’. It is my sincere hope that while the information on this page  is a necessary part of my return to practice after lockdown, it also reassures you that, as you would expect, I am doing everything I can to make it as safe for you as possible to come for acupuncture.  As my patients will readily endorse, I really do my utmost to make coming for treatment  both pleasurable and effective/beneficial and  that remains my mission! Please just pick up the phone or get in touch any way you like if anything worries you. You may have to bear with me a little as we get used to a different way of working but I'm confident that, at the end of the day, treatment results will be just as good and things that we can improve will do just that.

So...I am hoping to return to work on 7th July. The British Acupuncture Council has issued all members a set of detailed guidelines for returning to practice. Please be aware that these are always going to be subject to changing national policy guidelines responding to changing levels of risk at any given time. 

In summary, I am advised to undertake 3 kinds of information gathering after you ring for an appointment

1. An initial screening done by phone when you first inquire about treatment. This is to assess whether I am able to treat you. Please note that I am unable to treat anyone with the symptoms of Covid -19 or who lives with someone who has the symptoms or who has been instructed by the NHS to self-isolate. The government has defined two categories of 'clinically extremely vulnerable' and 'clinically vulnerable' people. If a person from either category contracts Covid-19 they are more likely to have complications and are at higher risk of severity of disease and mortality.  If you fall into either category, your level of risk and the potential benefit of treatment will be important considerations before admitting you for treatment.  

2. A Patient Information Sheet will be sent to you once an appointment is made. This provides you with information about safe operating practices in the clinic.  

3. A Covid-19 consent form needs to be completed immediately before attendance/treatment to ensure there have been no changes to your information and that you are aware of, and understand, levels of risk. 

I'm aware that this probably all sounds complicated. I'll do my best to make things far more straightforward when you ring.  Please ask if you'd like any further details about the above before you decide whether to call or make an appointment. 

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