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There is a dedicated parking space right outside the clinic on the forecourt. I try to ensure this is free and that there is sufficient time for one patient to leave before the next arrives. 

The clinic is situated on the ground floor and there are no steps into the treatment area.  There is a small step up to access the toilet.

Please note that access to the toilet is through the treatment area. If there is another patient receiving treatment, people waiting won't be able to use the loo. 

Wheelchairs are able to enter the treatment room. However there is unfortunately no access to the toilet for wheelchair users - the space is too small to adapt.


My treatment couch is hydraulic - so affords safe and easy access for most people. I can treat anyone unable to lie on the couch in a wheelchair. 


Patients with hearing or speaking difficulties are welcome to bring an 'interpreter'  to assist.

I have experience treating people who have visual difficulties, including blind patients. 

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