Having Treatment

First Session - your diagnosis and first treatment


Due to managing Covid-19, much of your case history / symptoms information needed for your traditional Chinese diagnosis will now be done over the phone. This should take about  30-45 minutes. Once in clinic, I'll do any other examinations needed, including pulses, before treatment as normal. 


Acupuncture honestly doesn't hurt; nearly everyone enjoys treatment and looks forward to coming.  My treatment room is clean, comfortable and relaxing; I don't wear a white coat and often enjoy a chat or a joke  if it's appropriate. Many people tell me that they feel it's OK to discuss anything (which they can!) without judgement and the complete assurance that everything is held in the strictest confidence. I'm always happy to explain what I'm doing and why. 

Being 'Covid-Secure' means that I request you not to bring anyone with you to clinic unless necessary. I don't treat children under 12 years, but acupuncture works incredibly well for older children- they love it! All children under 16 are required to be accompanied by their parent or guardian. 

Just so you know...there is a toilet!

A Typical Treatment

Before attending clinic, we'll arrange a convenient time for a phone call to feedback/update me on your progress or any other issues. Thereafter treatment time in clinic is about 45 minutes to allow me time to disinfect the room/equipment between patients. I'll double check nothing has changed since the phone-update, check your pulses and explain what I'm planning to focus on that day. 

Once needles are in, I'll check you're warm and comfortable then you relax back and enjoy the lovely sensations of deep relaxation acupuncture provides. We  check you're feeling good to go, then you pay and, if you wish, book your next appointment. 

To reassure you I always explain where I'd like to treat beforehand and never spring any surprises - remember its YOUR body so, if there's anywhere you prefer me to avoid, it's absolutely fine to say so.

I might suggest other techniques such as moxibustion, tui na, guasha or cupping if I think they'd help.

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