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MAI-TRI METHOD of harmonising and deep cleansing

Liz has been connected with meditation and other practices for almost 40 years and continues to be a regular visitor to Skanda Vale temple in Wales. It in was in 2016 at the inauguration of a new ‘sister’ temple, Somaskanda Ashram, in the Swiss Alps, that she met Mohanji, a universal teacher and spiritual guide. Since then, she has been proactively following many of the programmes and practices he has taught, including Kriya Yoga and, now, Mai – Tri method.


As with acupuncture, it can be understood that the emotional residue of some memories and past experiences can remain as ‘seeds’ in our deepest core.  Over time these can cause repeating patterns or tendencies which eventually cause blockages in our lives and ultimately manifest as illnesses.  The aim of Mai-Tri is to work on removing these seeds as much as we are allowed, unhooking us from the causes of deeply buried patterns. As a result, many medical conditions or emotional disorders might be improved.  Most people find that after Mai-Tri, they feel lighter, brighter, clearer and more balanced; Better able to cope with the stresses and strains of life.

The opportunity to experience Mai – Tri Method is very special and precious.  It takes consistent effort and commitment to become a Mai-Tri practitioner. Through offering this service, practitioners enter a level of deep meditation and connection with Mohanji. This allows them to become an instrument for higher energy to flow through to the person needing help – the practitioner has no other part to play.

Sessions are usually only available - by arrangement - in the evenings at present, either in – person or remotely.

  • In person: Shorter, lasting 15 minutes sitting on a chair, or longer sessions, lasting around 40 minutes lying down.

  • Remotely: At a pre-arranged time, we will have a short phone call, after which you can lie down comfortably while I commence.

Both practitioner and client are well protected during Mai-Tri; no harmful energies can operate or enter due to the following:

  • The power of Mohanji and pure intention of the practitioner

  • A  system of ‘energy-exchange’ (currently requested £40 a session) ensures clear boundaries between the practitioner and recipient.

  • Practitioners  donate a minimum of 50% of the energy exchange to feed hungry beings either here in the UK or around the world.   


Further information about Mohanji and Mai-Tri Method, including some beautiful testimonials,  are available at

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